Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shadow Figure Inside the Porch. / January 28, 2012

(Real names have been replaced)

Holy Shit. Last night my husband, his friend, and I were at a friend's house. Jeff (my husband) and his friend, Jake, and I saw something that we couldn't explain.

Ok, let me explain the set up of the house first. In the living room there is a couch. The couch is close to the door that leads out to the porch. It's one of those inside porches. The door has a small window in it. And when you look out the window in the door, you can see the porch from inside the living room. The door has one of those fancy curtains that is kind of see through, with fancy holes in it, covering the window, that looks out onto the porch. It was night time and dim in the room that we were in. The porch light was on. You can see the porch through the window when sitting on the couch.

Okay, here is what happened: All three of us were siting on the couch (the people who owned the house were in the other room) and for some reason the three of us looked out the window and all three of us saw a black figure walk by the window. And I mean close to the window. It looked like someone was inside the porch walking by the window and we all saw it. Jake freaked out and ran to the door to see who was in the porch but no one was there!!! We didn't even hear foot steps or anything. We just saw this human, dark, shadow figure. Crazy isn't it? I am so glad I was not the only one to see it. lol. Two other people, other than myself, had seen it too, so that's a good thing. lol.

My friends, who actually owned, and lived at that house, said they have never experienced anything strange like that before in their house, ever.


Submitted By: Rachel Livingston

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