Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hell's Road and Cry Baby Bridge - UPDATED!

~*Hell's Road and Cry Baby Bridge*~


I absolutely love haunted roads. There are a lot of back roads around here that are supposed to be "Haunted".  Horrible things have happened on some of these back roads. There have been many deaths, car wrecks, and supposedlymurders! Here is one of the so claimed "Haunted back road" from Bethalto, Illinois, USA:

 The most famous haunted back road in Bethalto is called "Hell's Road"Supposedly, a lot of deaths, car wrecks, and even murders have happened on the famous, "Hell's Road". There have also been reports of a "big white truck" that chases people down "Hell's Road"!



"Hell's Road", like all the other back roads, is located in the middle of nowhere. Which probably helped start some of the legends and myths about "Hell's Road" and these other "mysterious" back roads.

 Kids, even when I was a kid, would always go out driving on 
"Hell's Road" at night. And 
  I admit, it was pretty eerie and creepy. We would go there all the time, just hoping to get spooked. It was fun times



There is also "Cry Baby Bridge". "Cry Baby Bridge" is a small bridge that is located on the famous "Hell's Road". It seems that the myth of "Cry Baby Bridge" is a common story throughout America
A myth that you may have heard yourself in your area.

The myth of "Cry Baby Bridge" goes like this: You go there at night. You park your car on "Cry Baby Bridge". Then you put baby powder on the back bumper of your car. Then, you turn off the headlights and any other lights in the car. Then you just sit there, in the dark, and wait. They say that sometimes, if you listen, you will hear a baby crying. When you start your car back up and turn the headlights back on, you will find little hand prints that have mysteriously appeared on the back bumper, in the baby powder.

I, myself, have never tried the whole baby powder myth on "Cry Baby Bridge". But, I have gone there at night and sat there in the darkNothing ever really happened except for one night. One night, some friends and I, parked on "Cry Baby Bridge" and sat there in the dark. We waited for about two minutes when we heard what sounded like a crying baby! It was sudden and really loud! My friends and I freaked out for a minute. Then we realized that it was most likely frogs that were in the creek under the bridge making the noises. We had a good laugh and then we went home. We may not have experienced anything "Paranormal" that night, but it was still exciting and spooky.


 I haven't been on those back roads for a few years now.
 I do miss them. I have so many fond memories of those "mysterious" back roads. I would love to drive down them again in the future.

 -Rachel Livingston

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