Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Demons, what are they? - UPDATED!

What do you think they are? Fallen angels, creatures from other dimensions, good or bad or neutral demons or aliens or something that simply does not exist? Quite a few religions have demons in them. Any theories you have? I would love to hear them

 Ok, here is my opinion. I believe that demons were around before man (of course). I believe that they are beings from other dimensions or parallel universes or what not that have found a way into our world/dimensions and have had a huge affect on mankind. I believe they are capable of both good and evil. There are many names for demons and many different beliefs. And don't get me wrong, I respect others beliefs and point of views about demons and wont dismiss the possibilities of other beliefs, if that makes sense. I am a very open minded person. I will consider all the possibilities. But above is my personal belief. 

I believe they have free will to do good or bad, They choose to be good or bad towards people. Just like we can be good or bad towards people. IMO Demons can be misunderstood sometimes. I believe they can do acts of good as well. Can you imagine a world with out demons? As I said before they have had a huge impact on mankind.

 -Rachel Livingston

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  1. Interesting theory, Rachel. I like it. To be honest I think they could be from another dimension OR that they are a highly evolved creature that has been here way before man that science hasn't discovered yet.

    Loving the blog by the way, will share some stories soon :)

    -Dark entity (from the UM forums)