Tuesday, January 31, 2012

JoJo's Story

I've been having paranormal experiences since childhood all the way into adulthood on and off for years. I've always had this self motivation to find out the answers to my experiences but It's hard to ask questions, when you don't know what to ask, Its hard to ask for help, when you don't know what you want help for at least that's the case with me. The stories I'm about to share with you guys I've never really shared with anyone but I'm willing to put myself out there to not only help myself but maybe somebody else.

I was 7 or 8 years old when this event happened, Me and my mother where living in a two bedroom apartment. We lived in this complex for a little over 6 years before we moved out. One night, I woke up to the sound of voices in my room, I thought it was my mother who loved to stay up all hours of the night watching television or turning up the radio but when I lifted my head up from my pillow It was pitched black, I called out to my mother after waiting a few seconds, I did it again but there was nothing, no response at all. I gave up and headed back to sleep as I was trying to fall asleep again the conversation started, It sounded like children in my room. I lifted myself out of bed and asked if anyone was there? as I sat there in the dark in my bed, again I heard nothing but at this point I was starting to get scared but instead of calling out to my mother again, waking her up for no real reason didn't seem logical at the time.

I layed back down again but this time I had no intentions of trying to head back to sleep. Instead I was wiling to just listen as put my covers over my head and started to sweat. I was to scared to do anything more, finally within minutes the conversation started again but it was clear as day as to what they were talking about. I heard what sounded like two children at the edge of my bed. They said that they wanted to scare me, they wanted to pull my covers off my bed and drag me off the bed. Within seconds of hearing this, It happened. They lifted my covers out from under my feet. I felt hands touching my ankles and drag me off my bed. I screamed for my mother when she arrived in my room which was just around the corner from hers and told her what happened. She looked at me in disbelief and didn't say a word to me but I slept in her room that night.

Within a few days of this happening I was in my mother bedroom laying on her bed like I wasn't suppose too talking on the phone with a friend of mine. The lights where on and my mom was in the kitchen making food. I kept getting this odd feeling that something wasn't right, something was off. I kept looking around my moms room, In the door way, behind me where her dresser stood. It was massive this wood dresser It has a big mirror that stood on top of the surface and tons of storage places to put things. My mom has this little mirror with a stand it was black, I kept turning my head at it as I'm talking. All the sudden something appeared in the mirror, I just hung up the phone. I got up from my mother bed and there it was looking at me and me looking at it. The figure in the mirror looked like someone was burned, This person was completely black. It's eyes where noticeably distinctive, the out outside looked normal but the color of its eyes where I believe black, maybe a dark brown color. It had a smile that looked just suspenseful. It was like looking at a school picture of someone, if you were to look at one that's what I was seeing and looking at in the mirror. I called my mom her bedroom, when she arrived I asked her if she could see it in the mirror over and over again, saying its there looking at us. But she kept shaking her head in disbelief like I was making this up but she said she wasn't seeing it. That person was in the mirror for a good few minutes and disappeared, It looked like a child.

I was scared, alone and didn't know what to do. I came up with a plan to talk to a priest, I thought what a better way to get answers then a priest. I went to my local church that was a few blocks from my house, I walked into the church the hole place scared me because I just remember the inside being all red from the carpet to the chairs to the walls. Some of the place setting however where either gold or a light brown colors. I remember the priest coming out to talk to me, sitting beside me. I asked the priest if he believe in the paranormal, if he believed in heaven and hell, he generally said yes with a yes came a story of his own. He said that something happened in the church that he couldn't explain, A few days earlier He was in the church alone working and heard something fall to the ground. He walked to the area of where he heard the sound, It was a stand that had rows of candles that were already lit and inside a light red glass but no fire came brushing out and no candles didn't break. He brought some water to put out the candles and cleaned up whatever mess there was. As I was about to leaving and Thanking him for his time, he said to me if you are having paranormal experiences, just pray. Just pray and god will take care of it.

That was the last time I talked to a priest about my paranormal experiences. While attending school, I found out there was a murder within the grounds of the area, there was blood with the park us students use to play. A little girl who was about my age at the time was raped and murdered by a group of gangs and the body was found in a small lake that sat next to the school. They found the body of the girl a within the same time peroid I saw the small figure in the mirror and the childeren I heard on the edge of my bed in my bedroom. Is there a contection? Let's not get ahead of ourseleves just yet, I'm not done, one more. If this last story offendes anyone or rubs someone in the wrong way I'm sorry that wasn't and isn't my intention I sincerely apperiate your imput at the end. It's really hard for me to tell this last part but I firmly believe I'm doing the right thing by telling it.

In my late teens, I was in my bed sleeping, All the sudden during the middle of the night. I was being held down face down on my pillow gasping for air. I tired to shout out to my mother who was literally sleeping next to me but everything time I tried to say something or gasp for air or fight I lost my energy, my strength to do anything. Laying on my stomach, hands above my head and laying straight, somebody was putting there hole weight on me and doing a sexual act upon me. I thought it was a room mate to be honest because me and my mom had room mates. It was a couple a man and women. I thought the gentlemen snuck into my room and was raping me but he wasn't. I don't know where he was at the time but he wasn't with me. Finally after a few minutes of going back and forth between me trying to shout and break free from this person. I asked to see it, I said let me see you. Let me see you, It released one of my arms enough for me to have a peep hole through my arm pit. It was the same figure on saw in the mirror as a child. This person was a dark figure burned, the eyes where visual but the color was black. After I saw it, It left. I was finally able to release full air, I was able to breath, I got up like you would get up from having a terrible nightmare. It was completely silent in the room, I looked to my mother who was sound asleep and I didn't hear a sound. I didn't wake my mom up, I didn't want to bother her this time with my experience because I just didn't want to wake her and tell her. I layed right back in bed with my eyes open for a while and eventually feel right back asleep. I haven't mentioned this to her ever, its a personal choice I've chosen to make.

Thank you all for reading my story

Submitted by: JoJo

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