Sunday, March 9, 2014


*"Help Me!"*

I have many paranormal experiences but for me, most of them seem pretty mundane because I'm so used to the concept of seeing, hearing or sensing some sort of presence.

The most significant experience for me at the moment is when I was in Uniontown, Pa and I was investigating the Keighley Mansion,

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 with a group of investigators. A friend of mine, Adam Sedlock currently owns the building and has his psychology practice in the building.

 At this point, I had never done a formal investigation in an actual building that is said to be haunted. I was there for 3 days and 2 nights.

I was heading up to the 2nd floor and when I was at the top of the landing and I heard a young female behind me say "help me!" It was very faint but I could hear her right behind me. 

At first I was kind of confused, I thought it may have been one of the leadership who was talking to Adam up on the 2nd floor or one of the women I was investigating with but neither had said anything. Mind you at this point, we were on break and I was just heading to the main bathroom on the 2nd floor and there was only 4 of us in the building.

The mansion has a very dark history,  It was built by coal baron Frederick Charles Keighley in the early 1900s. At one point, Mr. Keighley murdered Molly Maguires and claimed it was in self defense. 

As it sunk in my mind as to what I heard, I wondered if it could have been her and I became very upset and started crying. This was the first time I had been emotionally affected by a paranormal experience. 

Another experience that everyone had at some point over time is that there was some blocks set up on a table. The blocks would be in different positions randomly and they would move when nobody was looking. 

A few weeks prior, Dr. Sedlock also came in one morning for a usual day of appointments with some clients and the blocks spelled out "Help me."

 Nobody had been in between the end of the day before and that morning. His billing person wasn't scheduled to be in there and his wife doesn't go to the mansion very often and hadn't been there. 

So, other than Dr. Sedlock, his billing person and his wife, nobody has a key to the mansion and there would have been no way for someone to come in and move the blocks. 

And the blocks were in a house formation when he was cleaning the waiting room the evening before and he was the only one in the building when he was cleaning and when he left.


Submitted By: Emily

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Force

*-*The Force*-*

 I wish to recall another Paranormal Experience

 The house my Mum lives in now, is where I used to live before I had moved  out. 

 Anyway, one night I got up out of bed. I walked across the landing to go to the 

 Just as I walked past the stairway, something rushed at me, like,
to attack me. 

 I felt a force and I fell over from this. I could briefly make an outline and it appeared pretty big. 

 I was really stunned by this. Whenever I stayed in that house, I got the feeling 
 someone or something was watching me. 


Submitted By: Shane 

He's Watching...

*He's Watching...*

 My Nan was telling me the other day that back in the 1970's, she had a
Paranormal Experience. 

 She said she was woken up late one night by 
 footsteps in the bedroom. 

 But, her husband was sleeping next to her, so, 
 it wasn't him making the noise. My Nan said she was shocked to see a 
 spirit at the bottom of her bed looking at her. 

  She described him as 
 wearing Victorian clothing, a big hat, and, a smoking pipe in his 

  After a few moments he (the Spirit) moved across the room and 
 vanished into the wardrobe. 


Submitted By: Shane