Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mischievous Spirits



     My name is Carm and I do have abilities. During a tuff time in my life when I was going through a divorce, I moved in with my friend Danny. Dan was on vacation when I settled in. my first week in the house I kept hearing tapping noises. And this one time when I went to the bathroom I knew I had placed the television remote on the table. When I got back the remote was missing and I looked all over for it. Something clicked in my head and at the time I wasn't quite sure but I said out loud  "Ok, you have made yourself known but I would love to watch my programs in peace. Can you put it on the stove in the kitchen?" I do have experience and I knew they wouldn't place it in front of me.

 Magic with ghosts usually happens in a secret kinda way. But I kinda felt funny and didn't expect this to happen. Going into the kitchen there was my remote directly in the middle on top. 

Another thing I have learned is a ghost will place your missing object directly in the middle of plain view. In past I had a lighter missing in another house and just like that it was in center of       the stove. 

This was at my friends house and he was a  witness to this. This is also where I got the idea of placing my remote on the stove. Plus the kitchen was in another room and it could place the remote on stove in now I'm astonished to see the remote on the stove.

I was proud of myself for being aware of what was going on. I was not scared for some reason and I started talking to it challenging it to move other things like a chair but nothing else happened. The next day I called my best friend John and told him what had happened and that I challenged it to move the chair but nothing happened. My friend said that probably was way to big an object and I was mad at myself for not realizing that. We talked that smaller objects would be better and just as we were saying this an unlit small tea candle that was in small glass slid across the tv onto the floor!

 I was smiling but stunned and said  "Oh my god, John, the candle just slid off the tv!" He told me to check if it wasn't on correctly or if there was some possible way it could have slid off. But we couldn't debunk for a couple days I was very friendly and would talk out loud..

I also wondered if my friend Danny had known there was a ghost in the house. The night he got home from his trip I met him at the door and I must have had a crazy look on my face because he started laughing and said: "I see you must have met the ghost?" This was more validation for me. We laughed and he told me some stories but I didn't like his stories. 

In this one story he said that the ghost was scratching it's nails on the bedroom wall. So now I know its a girl ghost. A couple months have gone by now and I am still talking, sometimes, to our girl ghost. She got brave enough that I could see her shadow.

 One thing that is amazing is shadow people can move lighting fast. But now on this hot summer night. I went to bed and put over me a very thin sheet and started to go to sleep. I was still in a lot of pain over my divorce and was laying there thinking of things trying to go to sleep,when all of a sudden my sheet ripped off of me! I was stunned and pissed and I yelled out but in terror, "THAT'S NOT NICE!!" I woke up my friend and he sternly told me " See, stop talking to it".  He was absolutely right...

This particular story starts to go bad.

My friend and I moved out of the apartment and I'm now living upstairs from parents house. Toward the end months living there I was terrified and I've learned big lesson.

 One lesson is to not talk to much to them and don't trust them.


Submitted by: Carm

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