Saturday, November 17, 2012

Random Radio Noise



I don't know if this is "paranormal" or not but something strange happened to me a few days ago.

 It was around five a.m. and I was sitting in bed watching television.
 Then,  out of nowhere,
I heard what sounded like an "old fashioned radio". 
It sounded like someone was tuning it, as if they were trying to find a station.

 It was really loud and it lasted for about a good ten seconds.
I was looking everywhere for the source of the noise but I couldn't find anything. It wasn't the television, I know that much. My husband was in the same room as me also watching television.

At the time when I heard the "radio" there was a Ninja Turtles commercial on t.v. and the "radio noise" didn't come from that. 
I asked my husband if he heard it too and he said "No".
 It was nuts! 
The "radio noise" was so loud! I heard it through my ears and not in my head! I haven't experienced anything strange in a long while until that morning. I can't explain it! This is going to drive me crazy! What do you think it was? Feel free to comment!


Submitted By: Rachel Livingston

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