Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Strangest Thing Happened

*(*The Strangest Thing Happened*)*

Years ago, in a former house that my family had lived in, there was poltergeist activity in the house behind ours. 

Apparently, the story has it, there was this couple and a baby living in the house behind ours. One night, the parents were in the living room watching TV on the sofa and the baby was upstairs sleeping in the cot. 

At some point during the evening, the parents were alarmed to hear the baby crying through the baby monitor.

 So, of course, the parents went running upstairs to tend to the baby, only to find that the baby was fast asleep and was not crying, yet, they clearly heard crying on the baby monitor only moments before. 

The strangest part of this story was a few years later. 

Apparently, one day, the young child was playing in the bathtub with a little red boat toy. Apparently, the parents were forewarned not to let a child play with a red boat in the bathtub, but, of course, the parents didn't think anything of it.

 Then, the strangest thing happened. Apparently, the decorative china dishes on the wall downstairs were spinning by themselves and objects were being levitated and thrown across the rooms. 

This terrified the parents, so they called in a priest to perform an Exorcism. The Exorcism was successful in ridding of the entity. 

However, the parents never found out why the red boat in the bathtub triggered such an event. 


Submitted By: Shane

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