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A Haunted Mother

~*A Haunted Mother*~
*More Experiences From Rachel Livingston's Mother*

(Above: Holly Federle - Photo Taken and Edited By: Rachel Aleta Livingston)




I have had several experiences with of which was my Father. 

 My Father left when I was 4 years old...he was not a nice person at that time, and treated my Mother horribly, which is why they parted.  I can still vividly remember him and taking him to the bus stop. Which was the last time I saw him in my childhood
I didn't understand it at the time of course, but I heard nothing from him, until my younger brother, as an adult, went in search of him and found him in California. We went to see him, prompting shortly a brief visit from him when I was 29 and my daughter was 1. As can be expected, I had very ambivalent feelings about him.
He only stayed a few days and went back to California. Soon after that he passed away from cancer. At the time of the visit, I didn't even know he was sick

 Shortly after he passed I started to have odd experiences that really scared me. I would suddenly awaken thinking my daughter was standing by my bed, only to see nothing
 I was always feeling that I was being watched
 Our cat at the time would do strange things like walk back and forth on the top of the recliner meowing at the ceiling. I always had the feeling that he was hanging around

When we moved to another house, I was lying down just to rest (I had mono at the time) but was not in anyway asleep.
 Suddenly, I felt and SAW the end of the bed and cover indent as if someone was sitting at the end of the bed.
 In this house, I kept smelling what smelled like decaying flesh. At first I thought if it was a mouse or something, that had died in the wallThe thing was, I was the only one who could smell it. These experiences seemed to happen more in my bedroom at the time, so I never slept in that bed again.....

 I started sleeping on the couch, and did so the rest of the time we were in that house.
 I always felt I was being watched, and felt a didn't feel good either....
 I was scared. My daughter was young at the time but was also having odd experiences

Then when we moved again...I got the guts to confront whatever it was that kept following me around. 
I told whatever it was, my father or not, but I told it to move on and go to the light and to the other side..

 I used Holy Water, cleansed my home with sage, and prayed for whatever it was and asked for God's protection
I never had any other odd experiences like that after that time
My home finally felt like home.




Another haunting experience I had was when I was married.
 We lived in a house that I really liked, but learned to live with something, that basically was unique to that house.
Our bedroom was always cold...summer, didn't matter. We couldn't regulate the temperature in that room.
 I always felt like there was something with us, but it didn't feel threatening. I think it was just a home bound ghost

If friends came over and stayed late, they were always greeted with loud banging noises coming from the basement. Many were frightened, but we just explained, that it was just something that happened every night.

  We often heard footsteps...things would turn up missing, only to find them in odd places.

 Once I had my sewing machine hooked up, and stepped away to talk to my husband at that time.  Suddenly, the sewing machine began sewing all by itself.
 We just looked at each other and shrugged it off, as one more odd thing that happened in that house

Every time, we tried to go somewhere, the basement would back up with sewage water...every time.
 Like it didn't want us to leave.
Light bulbs would burst, for no apparent reason,
especially when I passed them, sending glass flying everywhere.

 We learned to live with whatever was in the house, and when we moved, the experiences stopped, which is why I think it was only a home bound spirit.

I have lived my life experiencing odd occurrences, and because of my upbringing with a family that had many paranormal experiences...nothing surprises me. I know there are things out there beyond what we can see/hear with our 5 senses.   
 Something IS out there...
believe it or not


 Submitted By: Holly Federle 


 A note for Holly from Rachel Livingston
 I just wanted to say: 
Thank you Mom for sharing many of your experiences on my blog. I enjoy hearing them every time you tell me about them and I know my readers enjoy reading them as well. I'm glad you decided to share them with us. I love you Mom, feel free to keep sharing with us. 

(Above: Holly Federle and Rachel Livingston)

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