Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Mother's Crossing

~My Mother's Crossing~

(Above: Aleta Tannlund and Holly Federle and Rachel Livingston)


My Mother had been battling kidney cancer for some time, and was in the hospital after surgery.  
I stayed by her side until she passed, holding her hand and talking to her.

  Towards the end she was in a coma, (She had a cardiac arrest and they had brought her back, but she was in a coma, and hadn't opened her eyes for at least 24 hours).  

Making the decision to pull the plug didn't come easy. I however, looked at her and could tell that breathing machines or not, she wasn't going to long  for this world.  The Doctors gave her no hope for a meaningful recovery after everything that was going on with her

 However she was my best friend, and saying good bye was incredibly hard. Plus she had wanted everything done so she could stay in this world

 I remember talking to her telling her it was OK to let go, that we would be alright, and I would look after my family, my daughter, my Aunt and my brothers etc.  

She continued to linger....I really didn't know why, and the nurse suggested that I tell her that I would be OK as well.  It wasn't until I did this that I believe she could let go. Even though she lasted sometime after the life sustaining drugs and the mechanical breathing tube were stopped... She wasn't able to respond to either me or the nurse being in the room.  

Suddenly, she opened her eyes really big and was so obviously starring at something in the room and to the right.... neither us us could see

 It brought up goose bumps. The hair on the back of my neck stood up.

 The nurse commented on it as well.  Within a moment she was gone. I don't know how many of you have actually been with a person who has passed at the moment of death but it was such an honor to be with her at this time.

  As a nurse, I've been privileged enough to be present in both births and deaths, and I can tell you there is something almost magical about both

 It was obvious when she finally did pass, that the spirit had passed, and it was only a shell of who she was, that had stayed behind.

I had a dream shortly thereafter that my Uncle Bill, who had passed before my Mom had been there  beckoning my mother, and had been there to escort my Mom to the other side.  The dream gave me a little peace for some reason.

I continue to dream about her frequently, and I truly believe I will see her again someday...I know she is with me.  My daughter (this Website owner) was incredibly close to her as well...and has had many dreams about her as well.  

  I know that many psychics believe that when you dream of a person who have passed on, that this is a form of communication with the departed, and I really do believe this.


Submitted By: Holly Federle

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  1. I'm so sorry Rachel...Deepest sympathies on the passing of your mom... :(