Monday, February 25, 2013

One Body...Two Places At Once...A Talk With Grandfather's Spirit



It was in the year of 1996.
(New year was just a few days left)

I don't know much about the time, but it was dark and my Mother was busy in the kitchen, so I think she was cooking..

We where watching TV, some soap my Sister always wanted to see.
Suddenly, my Sister got off the seat and started to walk.
She walked from from left to right, right to left, from window to window.....

She didn't talk, she just walked...
She did it for I think, 2 minutes, and came back to the seat.
She didn't watch the soap anymore.

 Her eyes were wide open, and I remember my Father was talking to her.

 He was asking,
"What's going on?".

 But there was no answer from my Sister.
After about 15 minutes, my Sister "came back". 

Then, my parents asked her,
 "What was that?" "What were you doing?" 

Before my Sister could answer, the phone started ringing. 
At that point my Sister stood up!

She screamed, shouted, and cried for them NOT to pick up the phone!!
She was mad, and angry, at everyone who would pick up the phone!!

But everyone knows how parents are.  They just picked up the phone.
It was a message that my Grandfather died. 
Just 20 minutes ago.

Well, this is what happened to my Sister, at the moment she started to walk...
Her body was at home, with me and my parents.

 I did see her! 

But her mind was in the hospital with my Grandfather.
They even had a chat with each other. 
I don't know what it was about.

 My Sister never told anyone about it. She just said that they talked.
And after the chat between my Sister and Grandfather, my Grandfather died in my Sister's arms!!!

How weird is that!!??
She was at 2 places at the same time!

Until the day of today, we never talk about it, just because my Sister is afraid of it. 
She can't accept paranormal things.
I see now paranormal stuff with her 8 years old son.

But that's an whole different story.


Submitted by: Justin

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