Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Coincidence 2

(Real names have been replaced)

A few days ago I had 3 dreams. And all three dreams turned out to be true. Well, sort of. I can only remember two right now but I know there was a 3rd one. One I dreamed that my cat, baby girl, got outside. And I woke up to find that she did get out while I was sleeping. Another one I dreamed that I wanted some spaghetti. And in my dream I asked Samantha "Do you want that left over spaghetti?" And she said "My mom makes me line up or stack all the toilet paper perfectly" Then I proceeded to ask Jeff if he wanted the last of the spaghetti. Then I woke up to find Jeff eating the last of the spaghetti, lol. And mind you I can't smell for the life of me, due to my sinuses. So I did not smell it in my sleep. I couldn't even smell it when I woke up. And later on that day Samantha told me that the lady she worked for would make her line up or stack the toilet paper perfectly. lol. wtf.

Is it Coincidence? Who knows. It was just strange, that's all.


Submitted By: Rachel Livingston

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