Sunday, March 4, 2012

Grandma? Is that you?



I guess my first encounter with the paranormal happened when I was 10 years old, It happened around 11AM sometime during April 2000. My dad was working at a local engineering firm leaving my mum and I alone in the house, mum was wrapping a present up for someone when she asked me to get her some more wrapping paper.

So I walked through the kitchen, into the hall way and started to make my way upstairs to go and fetch it.

I put my foot onto the first step, my hands onto the railings and looked up. 
In front of me I could see a thick, smokey mass that on closer inspection looked like the top half of a person.
Admittedly I was pretty scared by this point (I was stuck to the spot through fear), It especially didn't help  considering the fact that it was moving down the stairs very steadily and slowly towards my position. As it got about 4 or 5 steps down It dispersed just the way that smoke would.The only problem was that there was no source ever found where smoke could have come from!

Sure, My uncle was a smoker (he also lived with us) but he had left the house several hours previous to go to work. not to mention that the way that it moved made no logical sense!

By this point I was really shaken but had regained movement and rushed straight back through to my mum to tell her what happened. We both agreed that I had probably seen My Grandmother (she lived with us until she had passed away the previous year). Thinking back I'd say that this was probably true, although the smokey Torso lacked many features. I'm sure that I could make out a permed hair style and a dressing gown, which is what she would wear around that time of morning.

Quite awhile passed by before anything else happened, until out of nowhere one evening I caught a strong smell of lavender which eventually filled the room, this is a scent that she used frequently over the years. Every once in awhile the smell would just come out of nowhere, sometimes stay for a minute or two, sometimes an hour. One night however Accompanying the scent was a feeling of being watched 
(although I was the only person in the room).
Strangelyafter having the feeling of being watched came another feelinghappiness out of nowhere.  Extreme happiness to the point that you're crying for what seems like no reason.

Not sure what the reason behind it was, maybe it was just Grandma saying all is well?


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